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Chinese Drama

Chinese dramas are taking the global entertainment scene by storm; It fascinates audiences with its interesting stories, magnificent performances and cultural richness. With the rise of online streaming platforms, accessing these series has become easier than ever. Among the many options available, Myasiantv stands out as the best platform for enthusiasts looking for quality Chinese drama content with English Subtitles. In this article, we will review the best Chinese dramas from different genres, all easily available on Myasiantv.

Historical epics:

  • The Untamed (2019): Based on the novel “Mo Dao Zu Shi,” this fantasy historical drama follows Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji’s journey through a world filled with martial arts, magic, and political intrigue.
  • Nirvana in Fire (2015): Set against a backdrop of political conspiracies, this historical drama tells the story of Mei Changsu, who seeks justice and revenge in a complex and dangerous court.

Romantic melodramas:

  • Eternal Love (2017): Also known as “Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms”, this romantic fantasy film explores the enduring love between Bai Qian and Ye Hua across different countries and lives.
  • Love O2O (2016): Combining romance and gaming, this series deals with the virtual and real relationship between Xiao Nai and Bei Weiwei, who struggle with the difficulties of love and success.

Contemporary Dramas:

  • Meteor Garden (2018) – A modern remake of the classic “Boys Over Flowers,” this series revolves around the life of Dong Shancai, who struggles with the challenges of love and social hierarchy at an elite university.
  • Go to Kalamar! (2019): Combining romance and e-sports, this series follows the journey of Tong Nian, a talented computer expert, into the world of competitive gaming and love.Mystery and suspense:
  • The Bad Kids (2020): This gripping drama revolves around the investigation of a mysterious death in a small town, revealing dark secrets and ulterior motives.
  • Day and Night (2017): Blurring the lines between law and justice, this gripping thriller tells the story of a prosecutor and a lawyer who grapple with a complex case that challenges their beliefs.Adolescence and adulthood:
  • A Very Beautiful Love (2017) – A touching story of first love and friendship, this series follows the lives of high school students dealing with the challenges of growing up.
  • Youth (2018): Set against the backdrop of a prestigious music academy, this series explores the dreams, friendships and loves of a group of talented young musicians.Myasiantv provides a convenient platform for viewers to easily access all these Chinese dramas. However, it is important to support the industry by exploring legal and licensed broadcasting services.

Whether you’re a fan of historical epics, romantic melodramas, contemporary stories, mysteries or youth dramas with english subtitles, there is something for everyone in the Chinese entertainment industry. provides a gateway to the treasure trove of Chinese dramas, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of Chinese storytelling. So grab your popcorn and start exploring the rich and diverse world of Chinese dramas today!

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